About Sophie

I love taking photos of beautiful things. Beauty brings me great joy and I hope that through my photography that I can bring beauty and joy to others.

I am inspired by harmony of form and colour, texture, pattern and repetition, excellence of artistry, truthfulness, and originality. These qualities give pleasure to the mind or senses. Beautiful handmade things such as knitted socks, embroidery, woven baskets and hand-carved love hearts. Beautiful nature made things such as nuts, berries and seed pods, flowers and leaves, sea shells, polished stones and locally grown fresh produce. I am inspired by the detail of these things and their story - the story that gives them context and meaning.

I am also inspired by islands. It is from my island home of Tasmania, with its over 300 outer islands, that my love of islands has grown. I love journeying to islands, exploring them on foot, learning about their natural and cultural values, their histories and stories. Islands are romantic, unique and often isolated places. Places where nature is left to be wild and beautiful. Places where one can relax and be creative with no distractions, places where one can return to the simple and slow and be in the joy of the present.

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About Tasmania

Island Cards are made in the island state of Tasmania located off the south-east corner of mainland Australia. Roughly love heart shaped, Tasmania is south of latitude 40 degrees on the edge of the wind belt known as the roaring forties.

To the north, Bass Strait separates the island from the Australian mainland. To the south and west the coastline is bound by the Southern Ocean and to the east, the Tasman Sea.

tasmania location map

Tasmania’s beautiful natural landscapes of mountains, plateaux and plains, rivers, tarns and lakes, coastlines, wild forests, moorland, grasslands, wetlands and over 300 outer islands provide endless inspiration to the island’s residents. With less than 3% of Australia’s population Tasmania has 9% of its artists.

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