Silver Banksia Flowers

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Tasmania is home to only three native species of Banksia, unlike mainland Australia, that has 76.

Silver Banksia (Banksia marginata), the most common Tasmanian species, grows from coastal to sub-alpine environments. The flowers attract lots of birds and insects who feed on its sweet nectar.

Saw Banksia (Banksia serrata), is threatened with extinction in the wild. It forms beautiful woodlands growing only in very small areas on Flinders Island and in northwest Tasmania at Rocky Cape National Park and nearby areas. The Tasmanian population represents an outlying population of its relatives on the mainland where the species extends from Queensland to Victoria.

Coast Banksia (Banksia integrifolia) is considered to be extinct in the wild in Tasmania.
The last recorded sightings were on King Island in western Bass Strait and Long Islet in the Hogan Group in eastern Bass Strait. The reason for its extinction is unknown. On mainland Australia, Coast Banksia is widespread along the east coast from Queensland to Victoria in a broad range of habitats. It is one of the four original Banksia species collected by Sir Joseph Banks
in 1770, and one of four species published in 1782 as part of the original description of the genus.

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